Investment in R&D&I is one of the three fundamental cornerstones of Onesta. Everyone in the organisation shares a culture of innovation that fosters continuous improvement, value creation and the development of new business ideas.

We are focused on the research and dissemination of new uses of wood, collaborating with different institutions, schools and organisations. We share all its benefits and promote its use as a great alternative for building healthier and more natural environments to improve people’s lives.

Innovation - Onesta
Innovation - Onesta

Onesta Wood Chair

University of Navarra

We sponsor and promote the ONESTA Chair of Bioproducts for Construction at the University of Cordoba, the first Chair in Spain specialising in this field, encompassing the forestry-industry-construction value chain, from research into the genetic improvement of species, to the optimisation of forest use, and the development and innovation of products for their integration into construction solutions.

With the firm objective of promoting the use of wood or any other organic product and having a direct impact on the decarbonisation of the construction sector, the Chair was created with the aim of being a focus of attraction to foster the generation of synergies and promote a spirit of collaboration with all national and international research centres and universities with a study objective related to this field.

Innovation - Onesta

The Chair’s activity is focused on research, knowledge transfer, training and dissemination in subjects related to:

  • Agroforestry resources and their integrated management.
  • Quantification of their ecosystem services, especially carbon storage and wood supply.
  • The bioproducts industry aimed at low carbon footprint construction.

The Chair will be directed by Marta Conde García, professor of the Agroforestry Engineering Department of the Higher Technical School of Agricultural and Forestry Engineering.

The Joint Commission, responsible for supervising the activities of the Chair, is formed by:

  • Mr Manuel Torralbo Rodríguez Honourable Rector of the University of Cordoba or, in his absence, Ms Lourdes Arce Jiménez, Vice-Rector for Innovation and Transfer of the University of Cordoba
  • Ms Rosa María Gallardo Cobos, Director of the Higher Technical School of Agricultural and Forestry Engineering.
  • Carlos Navarro García-Gutiérrez, Operations Director at ONESTA.
  • Ms Marta Sánchez Fernández, Director of the Projects Department at ONESTA
Innovation - Onesta

Onesta Wood Chair

University of Navarra

We sponsor the Onesta Wood Chair of the School of Architecture and Design at the University of Navarra. The chair has three objectives: To increase undergraduate and postgraduate training in the use of wood as the most sustainable, versatile and multi-purpose material; to invest in research into new construction solutions to help decarbonise the construction industry; and finally, to promote the dissemination and transfer of knowledge both to the scientific community and to society as a whole.

Innovation - Onesta

Aware of the importance of this raw material throughout the history of architecture and its role in the development of society, in April 2022 we joined forces with the University of Navarra to work towards promoting wood as an attractive, durable and ecological material.

The Chair promotes courses and seminars, organises scientific meetings, conferences and awards, develops research projects and collaborates in the editing and publication of articles of interest. Our researchers also collaborate in the development of the Eurocode 5: Design of Timber Structures, included in the series of European standards to promote sustainable construction.

Innovation - Onesta


Through the integrated management of the production process and Blockchain technology, the GIRAOPA project guarantees secure traceability from the area of cultivation to the production centre. This technology is well established and can be applied to any extensive crop such as grapevines, citrus fruit trees, almond trees and forest crops.

The project was launched in 2019 with a duration of three years and a budget of €773,910.32, which was financed and supervised by the Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA). It was led by Onesta Tecnología in collaboration with research groups from the University of Cordoba, the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the San Isidro SCA cooperative, one of the main cooperatives in the DCOOP group.

The project’s aim is to ensure the traceability of production, making it possible to record and identify the location and trajectory of the product throughout the supply chain. For this purpose, the latest advances in both hardware systems (sensors, embedded computing and specific communications) and software (certified transmissions, encrypted encodings with public and private keys, databases in cloud systems, distributed traceability systems based on blockchain technology) have been used.

Innovation - Onesta

Agreements to promote research


In collaboration with the University of Navarra, the University of Cordoba and the Polytechnic University of Madrid, we promote research in different disciplines at both scientific and technical level to enable the development and transfer of knowledge. Within the framework of these agreements, we conduct tests, approvals, analyses, studies, reports, opinions and expert reports in order to support the development of projects.


The Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Sciences (IETcc), which belongs to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), bases its activity on scientific research and technological developments in the field of construction and its materials.

We collaborate by sponsoring conferences and research projects in sustainable construction, such as, for example, the Wood Sustainable Construction Task Force project, a smart tool for the selection of wood products for construction, led by José Antonio Tenorio.

The Spanish National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology (INIA), a National Centre integrated in the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), is a benchmark institution in agri-food and forestry science and technology at national and international level, whose objective is to support sustainable economic growth and the well-being of society through agricultural and food research and innovation.

We collaborate with both institutions to promote research focused on sustainability and environmental improvement.

Innovation - Onesta
Innovation - Onesta


UCO, UNAV, Loyola and ESIC

We promote immersive training at our centres. Thanks to these agreements, we support the acquisition of practical experience to facilitate labour market insertion and improve future employability, favouring the values of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship which, in essence, are the aims that we pursue with external internships.



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