Giraopa project

Giraopa project

Comprehensive management of the olive harvest from olive groves and oil production

Giraopa project - Onesta

In the olive oil sector, especially for consumers, it is increasingly necessary to know the quality of the product from the relevant certifications. The fact of being able to demonstrate that the oil has not undergone any alteration throughout the production chain, from the olive to the final bottling, gives the product added value that translates directly into improvements in its manufacture. In this way, possible losses of raw material are avoided, the olive grove is made profitable, which allows it to compete in the market, increases the value of the product and its export.


The Giraopa project guarantees, through comprehensive process management, the efficient operation of the path that the olive follows from its origin until it is transformed into oil and stored for distribution.

To ensure traceability in production, the latest advances are available both in hardware systems (sensors, embedded computing and specific communications) and software (certified transmissions, encrypted coding with public and private keys, databases in cloud systems, traceability systems distributed based on Blockchain technology).

  • Example of a cloud computing architecture (cloud computing) to centralize in a single database all the information of the olive cooperative (member data, farm information, olive production, use of phytosanitary products, performance, etc.) .
  • Add additional information to the currently uncollected database (temperature and humidity history on farms, absorption of phytosanitary products in the soil, etc.).
  • Consumption of energy and water in the oil mill.
  • Development of a partner portal and mobile application (app) to inform and meet partner demands.
  • Implementation of a delivery management system for olives in the oil mill.
Specific technical objectives and scope
  • Ensure the traceability of the olives that enter the mill. Know for sure the origin of the olives collected by the mill, including the amount of olive produced by each olive tree. In the same way, the partner and the farm to which it belongs will be identified.
  • Have at an industrial level, and throughout the oil production chain, mechanisms and systems that indicate the amount of oil produced and, therefore, the yield of the olives in real time.
  • Ensure the origin of the oil collected in the different silos by means of encrypted and secure codes.
  • Have a fluid communication system between the cooperative and the member.
  • Efficiently manage the reception of olives at the mill, through a queue management system with which the member can check the status of the scale in real time and make a delivery request. At the level of development and research, with the possibility of some type of protection of results and/or their publication.
  • Development of specific sensor and communications systems for the problem posed, which allow their functionality to be carried out in “hostile” environments, as opposed to controlled or laboratory environments.
  • Implementation and operation in a real system of encryption algorithms and blockchain to ensure the traceability of agricultural products.

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